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Monday, October 1, 2018

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss: Understanding an Investigation by a State Appraiser Regulatory Board or Agency

This 4-hour seminar explores why a state investigation is serious business, how the process works (in general), how a complaint begins, the consequences of sanctions, the role of USPAP, and what can be learned from disciplinary actions.

Seminar Description:
This seminar offers participants an opportunity to peek behind the regulatory curtain surrounding complaints filed against real estate appraisers and the resulting investigations completed by state regulators. Participants will become familiar with the origins, processing, due process requirements, statutory limitations, and federal constraints at play when a state regulatory board or agency properly investigates a complaint against a real estate appraiser. Additionally, the thresholds and mileposts that lead from investigative findings to a potential disciplinary action against an appraiser’s credential are presented. Understanding these findings provides participants with a great advantage on how to resolve such matters. Finally, the seminar outlines the appeal options that are available to professional appraisers for those instances when a genuine disagreement exists as to the regulator’s final findings and sanctions.

Instructor: Craig Steinley, SRA, AI-RRS, President of AARO