Day 1
17 Mar 2019
Day 2
18 Mar 2019

Collateral Risk Network Meeting

Member’s Only Meeting (closed to media)

Focus on FHA Minimum Property Requirements

Course Description: HUD’s Single Family Housing Policy Handbook, also known as Handbook 4000.1 was released several years ago, yet many appraisers still struggle with minimum property requirements (MPR) for existing...
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Dale Shea
Day 3
19 Mar 2019

Keynote* (CE Session)

Session Description: Our opening session will begin with a very special guest speaker, Bethany McLean, known for her work on the Enron scandal and co-author of All the Devils are Here....
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Lyle Radke
Scott Reuter
Gwen Muse-Evans
Bethany McLean

Valuation Vision* (CE Session)

Session Description: The role of the appraiser has been to provide objective, impartial, and unbiased opinions about the value of real property.  The appraiser’s expertise and market knowledge provides assistance to...
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Paul E. Chandler
Lima Ekram
Matt Carlson
Day 4
20 Mar 2019

Collateral Matters* (CE Session)

Session Description: Not to worry… everyone gets trapped “inside the form.” Our outstanding panel of experts will explore all the nuances of the appraisal process. We will also discuss the role...
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Jim Amorin
James Heaslet
Sehar Siddiqi

Bifurcation, AVMs and Waivers* (CE Session)

Session Description: Change is here… what is a bifurcated appraisal? Who are the stakeholders? What does a bifurcated product look like from the appraiser, lender, AMC or investor point of view. ...
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Tony Pistilli
John Bredemeyer
Lee Trice
Ernest W. Durbin
Alan Hummel