Anow User Conference

30 Sep 2019
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Reno I & II

Anow User Conference

Appraisers attending this event will get a first look at ground-breaking technology that is changing the appraisal industry, interact and network with peers and learn best practices from experienced industry experts.

1:00 – 1:20 | Keynote Presentation: The Art & Science of the Modern Appraisal

Appraisers and lenders worked together prior to 2008, and while AMCs certainly make perfect sense in many circumstances, the model needs to continue to improve for organizations like Flagstar. Not only does digital technology offer a real opportunity for appraisers and mortgage lenders to get on the same playing field to deliver accurate, reliable and timely (ART) property appraisals that ensure home buyers’ on-time closings; mortgage lenders must also modernize their operations via a digital infrastructure to deliver a delightful borrower/customer experience that is both compliant and profitable. It’s a convergence: the art of customer delight with the science of appraising. Appraisers now have the opportunity to modernize their own business operations with digital infrastructure that enables them to work on pace with mortgage lenders to remove traditional customer service roadblocks, accelerate property valuation, and dramatically shorten origination turn times. Our future is complementary technology that ensures highly efficient working relationships to improve the borrower experience while growing profit margins.
Tony Reese, Chief Residential Appraiser at Flagstar Bank

1:20 – 2:00 | Technology that Transforms Appraising

This session includes discussion of the launch of Anow NEXUS forms software, the Anow Mobile Inspection App, and other revolutionary tech that is changing the appraisal industry. Many appraisers are faced with time sinks that can make the appraisal process more complex. How can Anow’s innovative technology help increase efficiency in these areas?
Marty Haldane, Anow

2:10 – 2:55 | Interactive Appraiser Panel

This session will provide recommendations from independent and experienced appraisers on how to use Anow technology to grow their business and simplify their lives. Real customers tell their stories of frustrations solved by Anow elevating their business to the next level. Get best practices and strategies from Anow super users who transformed their business. This is an interactive session.
Mark Skapinetz, What’s It Worth Appraisal Services
Sandy Matthes, Lightning Appraisals
Leigh Walker, Lawrenson Walker

3:05 – 3:50 | Re-Imagining AMC-Appraiser Relationships

The appraisal industry may be stuck in an unsustainable model, we need to have the ability to re-imagine what is a more sustainable and vibrant future for appraisers working together with their AMC partners. The future of our industry is about collaboration and transforming previously adversarial relationships into closer partnerships through the use of technology. This is an interactive panel and an open forum dialogue on re-imagining industry.
Rick Hiton, Chief Operating Officer, Accurity Valuation
Matthew Scott, Executive Vice President of Operations for Nations Valuation Services
Keith Ellis, Chief Operating Officer, Anow


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