Keynote Panel (CE SESSION)

Keynote Panel (CE SESSION)

Our opening session will begin with a look at how appraisals are done internationally so we can see what might be learned from their process. The Appraisal Subcommittee update will provide information on the new policies they are instituting related to appraisers.  Peter Christensen, a renowned valuation attorney, will provide a legislative update along with details on current cases related to appraisers. You will also hear from Fannie Mae will be discussing their most recent policy updates as well as a report card on how appraisers handled the Covid-19 Flexibilities. Fannie Mae will report on the impact of the pandemic on their default rates and how this may impact the real estate market going forward.

Each speaker will address how they anticipate handling the many challenges facing the appraisal profession including training the next generation of appraisers, introducing new technologies as well a progress report on new reporting formats.

Polls will be interspersed throughout to keep discussions lively and enhance interactivity.

Jessica Jenkins-TomeValuation Connect


Chris Knight, Opteon
Jim Park, Appraisal Subcommittee
Peter Christensen, Christensen Law Firm
Lyle Radke, Fannie Mae