Dee Sharp

Dee Sharp


Dee Sharp currently holds a position as a Washington Management Service (WMS) Program Manager with the Washington State Department of Licensing, Business & Professions Division, Real Estate/Appraiser programs. Dee manages eight business and professional licensing and regulatory programs and the Uniform Commercial Code program for the Department. Dee has been with the Department for eight years beginning as a Professional Licensing Manager in 2011. Prior to coming to the Department, Dee spent 10+ years employed as professional Legal Support to both public and private attorneys. As an adult learner while holding down a full 􏰁me job and raising a family, Dee earned her Bachelor’s Degree in 2009 and Master’s Degree in Public Administration in 2011 from the Evergreen State College in Washington state.

Dee has a great passion for serving her fellow citizens through her formal and volunteer work in public service. She currently serves as President of the Association of Appraiser Regulatory Officials (AARO). Additionally, Dee has previously served as Vice President for the Actively Involving Department Employees Association (A.I.D.E.) Association which assists Department of Licensing employees in times of need; Dee has been as a voting member of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and the International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) for the last several years as well.

Dee has many interests to include being passionate about successfully educating young people; and influencing policies to develop responsible environmental stewardship.

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02 Oct 2019
1:30 pm - 5:00 pm